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From 2002 to 2008, I constructed a special class with our students for every Saturday concerned with the "Complex system," which were the most interesting themes for me.
I developed many simulations for classroom use in those days, for example, tsunamis, seismic waves, and cell automatons.
A part of them was firstly coded by N88Basic, Japanese domestic PC languages developed by NEC.
Soon I began to use Linux PC for developing educational tools. On Linux, the standard programing language was C. However, to write code for graphical programming, we had to use the Xlib library on X-Window, and this was a tough job for me because the coding on Xlib was too complicated.
Soon, I found a simple graphics library named EGGX developed by Chisato Yamauchi (now JAXA). (in Japanese) (in English)
This worked on Linux quite easily, so I used it to make graphical simulations at that time

Since then, it has passed for less than 20 years; I salvaged some programs from an old HDD. These are simplified simulations for students made at that time. However, they can not work on my present PC, some showing the famous error message on C "segmentation fault!"

Therefore, I decide to modify them using modern Processing language.
Here, show you some examples,

1. Wind Ripple

2. COVID-19 infection

3. Boids

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