Whole Photo Diary 2023Dec to 2024 Jan visit to Thailand            2024-01-28, 02-13    Yoshio Okamoto

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1. Princes Chulabhorn Science High school(PCSHS) Mukdahan  22th Dec. to 25th Dec. 2023

2. Satun GeoPark Excursion  25th Dec. to 30th Dec. 2023

Satun GeoPark Excursion Day 1-2.
Satun GeoPark Excursion Day 3.
Satun GeoPark Excursion Day 4.

3. Bangkok Downtown hotel and Happy new year  30th Dec. 2023 to 1st Jan. 2024


4. Phayao university demonstration school   2nd Jan. 2024 to 4th Jan. 2024


5. Silpakorn University and field trip  5th Jan. 2024 to 8th Jan. 2024


6. MUIGC2024   9th Jan. 2024 to 12th Jan. 2024 


7. MUIGC2024 Field Excursion   13th Jan. 2024 to 16th Jan. 2024 

2024 Kanchanaburi Geological Excursion Part_1
2024 Kanchanaburi Geological Excursion Part_2   
2024 Kanchanaburi Geological Excursion Part_3-4

8. Misc   16th Jan. 2024 to 18th Jan. 2024

Silpakorn Univ. Diary part2 and return to Japan.



Bo Phloi Basalt thin-sections

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